The 9th Chamber Concert

Tue 6 November 2012 6:30 pm (Doors open at 6 pm.)
College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Music Practice Room, Komaba Communication Plaza Gakusai Koryu Auditorium

This concert is exclusive to students and staff of the University of Tokyo. Admission free. 120 seats available. Please bring your ID with you to the concert.

Ondes Martenot: Motoko Ohya
Piano: Yuiko Yasuda

Tristan Murail (1947-)
  Tigre de verre

André Jolivet (1905-1974)
  Concerto pour Ondes Martenot et Orchestre: 2ème et 3ème mouvements

Yori-Aki Matsudaîra (1931-)

Takashi Harada
  Olive Rain