The organ in the Auditorium was donated by the late Dr. Taikichiro Mori, the first president of MORI Building CO.,LTD., and was installed in 1977. Though a relatively small model with a pedal keyboard, two fingerboards, and 12 stops, its tremolo and coupler contribute to the varicolored tonal quality of the organ, which makes it suitable for the modern virtuoso repertoire as well as pre-twentieth century music. The organ is administered by the Organ Committee of the College. Since the inaugural concert in May 1977, 107 concerts have been held, featuring both established artists and emerging young organists from Japan and overseas. These concerts, free of charge, have attracted a large audience from outside as well as within the campus. Since 1998, organ classes began on an experimental basis. Such classes have been given by a professional organist or a member of the Organ Committee Prof. Hermann Gottschewski, for the College's students and staff members, and on every occasion the Committee received over-capacity applications. Detailed information about the schedules of concerts and classes is available through the Newsletter of the College of Arts and Sciences, the University Bulletin, the College home page and the Organ Committee's home page.